Campaigns, Duration of

Encyclopedia of the Wars of the Roses. . 2001.

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  • Military Campaigns, Duration of —    Although warfare between Englishmen for control of the government or possession of the Crown occurred from the 1450s to the 1490s, fighting was not continuous throughout the period. The military campaigns of the WARS OF THE ROSES were few,… …   Encyclopedia of the Wars of the Roses

  • Campaigns of World War II — The campaigns of World War II were the military operations that were employed during World War II. Campaigns generally refer to broader strategic operations conducted over a large bit of territory and over a long period of time. Battles generally …   Wikipedia

  • Minor campaigns of 1815 — On 1 March 1815 Napoleon Bonaparte escaped from his imprisonment on the isle of Elba, and launched a bid to recover his empire. A confederation of European powers pledged to stop him. During the period known as the Hundred Days Napoleon chose to… …   Wikipedia

  • American Revolutionary War Campaigns — There were 16 campaigns in the Revolutionary War. The Revolutionary War streamer is scarlet with a white center stripe with golden yellow inscription. Scarlet is the color of the mother country and the white stripe symbolizes the virgin land of… …   Wikipedia

  • Battles, Nature of —    Although involving the deployment of ARCHERS and ARTILLERY, most battles during the WARS OF THE ROSES were relatively brief hand to hand mêlées fought by bodies of armored foot soldiers.    Because the wars were civil conflicts, with… …   Encyclopedia of the Wars of the Roses

  • Armies, Supplying of —    Supplying a fifteenth century army with food, clothing, and other necessary items was a difficult task that often limited the size of the force, affected its mobility, and influenced the strategy of its leaders. Three different methods were… …   Encyclopedia of the Wars of the Roses

  • Artillery —    By the start of the WARS OF THE ROSES in the late 1450s, artillery had been in use in northern Europe for over a century, and most civil war armies included at least a small artillery force.    The pace of advancement in European gun… …   Encyclopedia of the Wars of the Roses

  • English Economy and the Wars of the Roses —    Although the WARS OF THE ROSES caused political instability and, at least among the governing classes, some social disruption, the conflict had little direct effect on the English economy. Military campaigns were brief, and incidents of… …   Encyclopedia of the Wars of the Roses

  • Barnet, Battle of — (1471)    Fought on Easter Sunday, 14 April 1471, the Battle of Barnet began EDWARD IV’s restoration to the throne and destroyed Richard NEVILLE, earl of Warwick, and his political faction.    On 11 April, one month after his landing in England,… …   Encyclopedia of the Wars of the Roses

  • Commons (Common People) and the Wars of the Roses —    The vast majority of English men and women held no titles, owned little or no land, and had little or no political influence. Except for the residents of LONDON and a few larger towns, the common people of England lived and worked in the… …   Encyclopedia of the Wars of the Roses

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